THE RESTAURANT is located outside, under the BIG tent.  Here you will find a wide variety of offerings – full meals, ala carte items and desserts

DINNERS  are served with rice pilaf and salad.

  • Greek Style Fish-Plaki – The restaurant offers visitors a fish “option” on Friday night.
  • Lamb Shank  Saturday & Sunday ONLY
  • Roast Half Chicken
  • Pork Souvlaki (Pork Kebab)


Souvlaki  $9

Lamb Shank

Pastitsio (πaστìτσιο)   $8
Everyone’s favorite! A traditional baked cassarole of ground beef and a special macaroni, topped with a creamy cheese sauce.

Moussaka (μουσακάς)   $9
Potato and fried eggplant layered with a filling of ground beef and topped with Béechamel  (cream) sauce.

Spanakopita (σπανακόπιτα)   $5
Several layers of paper-thin filo filled with a variety of cheeses, spinach, and herbs baked to crisp perfection.

Dolmathes (ντολμάδες)   3 for $5
Grape leaves stuffed with rice and marinated in a lemon sauce.

Greek Salad $4

Lima Beans $3

Rice Pilaf $2

Gyro (γύροι)DSC00016

At the Gyro / Loukoumathes tent you will find Gyro and/or Loukaniko.  What’s the difference?

Gyro is barbecued, seasoned beef wrapped in pita and topped with onions, tomato and tsatsiki sauce.  $9

Loukaniko is barbecued spiced Greek sausage wrapped in pita with toppings.  $9

Also under this tent you will find everyone’s favorite …

Loukoumathes (honey puffs with cinnamon and walnuts)  $6

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Greek Pastries (γλυκίσματα)

Amegthalota (almond cookies)  $2.00

Baklava (μπακλαβάς)   $3.00
Walnuts, butter and spices baked between layers of filo, drenched in honey syrup.

Baklava Cheesecake $5.00

Finikia  $2.00

Galatoboureko (γαλατοβούρεκο)   $3.00
A filo custard dessert drizzled with syrup.

Kataifi (καταϊφι)   $3.00
Shredded filo stuffed with nuts and dipped in honey.

Karithopita (walnut cake) $2.00

Koulourakia (butter cookies) 12 for $6.00

Kourabiethes (κουραμπιέδες)   $2.00
Butter cookies topped with powdered sugar.

Ravani (sponge cake with syrup) $2.00

Rizogalo (rice pudding)  $3.00

Saragli  $3.00

Spanakopita (spinach pie)  $5.00

Thiples (fried dough with syrup and walnuts)  $3.00

Tsoureki (Greek sweet bread) $8.00


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The Greek Coffee House (καφενείον)

Stop by for a real cup of coffee at the Kafenio located in the main hall!  It is prepared as you wait. A real Grecian experience!

Traditional Greek Coffee (ελληνικός καφές)  
Hand-brewed to perfection as you wait with. Made with cream and / or sugar by request.

Frappe are also served here!

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