St. George Greek Orthodox Church

A Brief History by Marie Etchells.


In the early 1900s, Greek immigrants began to arrive on Cape Cod and settle in various towns and villages. By the 1920s, their relatives began to follow and settle close to their families already here. Wanting to perpetuate their cultural and religious heritage, they would drive to New Bedford every Sunday for services. They also hired Greek teachers to reinforce the language, culture and religion for their children. In 1938, the Greek American Citizen’s Club was formed and they purchased the Grange Hall on Louis Street in Hyannis which later became the first St. George Greek Ortho-dox Church of Cape Cod. An assembly of all Greek Orthodox residents was called to raise $4,000 which was required by the Archdiocese in order for the community to be recognized. Having met the Archdiocese requirements, on December 7, 1948, Rev. Fr. Speros Mourikis was appointed pastor of the new community and began Sunday services in the Grange Hall. Land was purchased in 1954 in Centerville and became the start of a dream to construct a modern Byzantine Church. A new Building Account was estab-lished and many fund raising events were held to amass the necessary funds. The Groundbreaking Ceremony was held in June 1979, and two years later, in 1981 we cel-ebrated the “Opening of the Doors” at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church at 1130 Falmouth Road, Centerville, MA. Father Mourikis’ vision of a Byzantine Church on Cape Cod was fulfilled and he retired in 1991 after serving for 42 years. Father Panagiotis Gi-annakopoulos took over the reigns and is still our spiritual leader today.

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